DD Form 1653. Transportation Data for Solicitations

DD Form 1653. Transportation Data for Solicitations

DD Form 1653, titled "Transportation Data for Solicitations," is utilized within the Department of Defense to provide transportation-related information in solicitations for bids, proposals, or quotes for procurement activities.

The form consists of sections where transportation data is recorded for inclusion in solicitations. This includes details about shipping destinations, delivery requirements, transportation modes, and estimated costs. The form may also include sections for indicating special handling instructions.

When completing DD Form 1653, accuracy in providing transportation-related information and delivery requirements is important. Key fields include shipping destination details, delivery dates, transportation modes, and estimated transportation costs. Proper completion ensures that accurate transportation data is included in solicitations for potential contractors to consider.

Application Example: Imagine a scenario where a military unit is soliciting bids for the procurement of supplies. By completing DD Form 1653 with accurate transportation data, such as delivery locations, preferred transportation modes, and special handling requirements, the military can provide potential contractors with necessary transportation information to factor into their bids.

Related Documents: Depending on the procurement and transportation requirements, additional documentation such as bid evaluation criteria, delivery schedules, and communications with potential contractors may be necessary. Similar civilian documents could involve transportation-related information in business procurement processes.