DD Form 1131. Cash Collection Voucher

DD Form 1131. Cash Collection Voucher

DD Form 1131 - Cash Collection Voucher is used to document cash collections received by Department of Defense activities. This form is utilized to record funds collected for various purposes, such as sales, fees, or fines.

The form consists of sections where details of the cash collection are recorded, including the source of the funds, purpose of the collection, and details of the transactions. It also includes sections for certification and approval signatures.

Important fields in this form include details of the cash collection, source of funds, purpose of the collection, and the authorized certifying official's signature. Accurate recording ensures proper financial accountability.

Application Example: A military organization receiving cash payments for services, goods, or fines may use DD Form 1131 to document the cash collection and maintain proper financial records.

Related Form: DD Form 1131-1 is a related form used for cash collection vouchers for non-appropriated fund activities.

Alternative Form: Depending on the specific cash collection context, other forms may be used for recording funds collected.