DA Form 5766. Chaplains` Fund Voucher

DA Form 5766. Chaplains` Fund Voucher

DA Form 5766 is the Chaplains' Fund Voucher. It serves as a critical record for transactions involving the Chaplains' Fund, which is used to support religious and spiritual activities within the Department of the Army.

The form includes sections where details about the voucher's purpose, amount, and supporting documentation are recorded. It requires the approval and signature of the authorized chaplain or representative. The form may also include sections for providing explanations and justifications for the expenditures.

Important fields in this form include the purpose of the voucher, amount requested, and supporting documentation. Accurate completion of the form is essential for maintaining transparency and accountability in the use of the Chaplains' Fund.

Application Example: A military chaplain needs funds to organize a religious retreat for soldiers. The chaplain completes DA Form 5766, providing details about the event, requested amount, and attaching any necessary documentation. The form ensures that funds are allocated appropriately for religious activities.

No additional documents are typically required when completing this form.

Related Form: DA Form 348 - Statement of Charges for Chaplains' Fund. This form is used to document charges against the Chaplains' Fund and the related financial transactions.