DA Form 5560. No Smoking Except in Designated Smoking Areas

DA Form 5560. No Smoking Except in Designated Smoking Areas

DA Form 5560 is used to communicate and enforce a designated smoking policy in specific areas. This form serves as a notice to inform individuals that smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas and prohibited in other locations.

The form consists of a statement indicating the designated smoking policy, along with the reminder that smoking is only permitted in specific smoking areas. It may include additional information such as the location of designated areas and consequences for non-compliance.

Key fields in this form include the smoking policy statement and any additional information about designated smoking areas. Accurate completion of this form is necessary to clearly communicate the smoking policy to all individuals.

Application Example: A military installation implementing a no-smoking policy except in designated areas would use DA Form 5560 to post notices around the facility. By accurately completing the form and clearly conveying the policy, the installation encourages compliance with smoking regulations.

No additional documents are explicitly mentioned as required for filling this form.

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