DA Form 543. Request for Records

DA Form 543. Request for Records

DA Form 543 is the Request for Records form used to request official records from military personnel files. This form is utilized when individuals need copies of their own or someone else's military records for various purposes, such as retirement, benefits, or historical documentation.

The form consists of sections where the requester's information is provided, including their name, social security number, and the type of records being requested. It may also include sections for specifying the purpose of the request and any additional details.

Important fields in this form include the requester's information, the purpose of the request, and details of the records being sought. Accurate completion of this form is essential for ensuring that the correct records are provided to the requester.

Application Example: A military retiree wishes to obtain copies of their service records for pension and benefits purposes. They use DA Form 543 to request these records, providing their personal information and specifying the type of records needed.

No additional documents are typically required to complete this form, as it captures all necessary information related to requesting military records.

No direct alternatives or analogues to DA Form 543 are mentioned, as its purpose is specific to requesting military records within the Department of the Army.