DA Form 5297. Abstract of Vendor Deliveries

DA Form 5297. Abstract of Vendor Deliveries

DA Form 5297, the Abstract of Vendor Deliveries, is used to track and document vendor deliveries and payments for goods or services received by the Army. This form supports accurate record-keeping and payment processing.

The form consists of sections where information about the vendor, goods or services delivered, quantities, prices, and delivery dates are documented. It may also include sections for certification and approval signatures.

Important fields in this form include vendor details, delivered goods or services, quantities, prices, and signatures. Accurate completion of this form is crucial for tracking vendor deliveries, verifying the accuracy of invoices, and ensuring timely payment for goods and services received.

Application Example: A vendor delivers supplies to an Army facility. The receiving personnel complete DA Form 5297, documenting the details of the delivery, including quantities received and prices, to ensure accurate payment processing.

No additional documents are typically required to complete this form, as it captures all necessary information related to vendor deliveries and payments.

No direct alternatives or analogues to DA Form 5297 are mentioned, as its purpose is specific to tracking vendor deliveries and payments within the Department of the Army.