DA Form 4926. Chaplains` Fund Annual Summary Financial Data Report

DA Form 4926. Chaplains` Fund Annual Summary Financial Data Report

Form DA 4926 is a Chaplains' Fund Annual Summary Financial Data Report. This form is used to provide a summary of the financial activities and transactions of the Chaplains' Fund during a fiscal year. The Chaplains' Fund is a special fund established to support the religious and spiritual needs of military personnel and their families.

The form consists of sections where the financial data for the fiscal year are reported, including revenues, expenses, fund balance, and any changes in fund equity. The form may also include sections for explanations of significant financial activities or transactions.

Important fields in this form include accurate and complete reporting of financial data and proper reconciliation of the fund balance. Properly preparing the annual financial report is essential for financial transparency and accountability in the use of the Chaplains' Fund.

Application Example: The chaplain's office prepares Form DA 4926 at the end of the fiscal year to summarize the financial activities of the Chaplains' Fund, including donations received, expenses incurred for religious services and programs, and any changes in the fund balance. By using this form, the chaplain's office can provide an overview of the fund's financial performance and demonstrate responsible financial management to higher authorities and stakeholders.

Individuals filling out this form should consider any specific instructions or guidelines provided by the chaplain's office or the financial management processes in place for the Chaplains' Fund.

Related Forms: Form DA 4926 is specific to providing an annual summary of financial data for the Chaplains' Fund. There may be other forms used for financial reporting and budget management in other military funds or government agencies.