DA Form 3981. Transfer of Patient

DA Form 3981. Transfer of Patient

DA 3981, Transfer of Patient, is a document used by the Department of the Army to record the transfer of patients between medical treatment facilities. The captures important information about the patient, such as their personal details, medical condition, and the reason for transfer.

The form consists of sections where the transferring facility provides information about the patient, including their name, rank, social security number, diagnosis, and treatment received. The receiving facility also fills out sections details about the acceptance of the patient and any special instructions or requirements.

Important fields in this form include the patient's personal information, medical condition, reason for transfer, and any special instructions. It is crucial to accurately fill out all required information to ensure a smooth and well-documented transfer process.

Application Examples and Use Cases: This form is used when transferring patients between medical treatment facilities within the Army healthcare system. It helps maintain a record of patient transfers and ensures proper communication and continuity of care.

Related Forms and Differences: There may not be direct alternatives to DA Form 3981, as it specifically addresses patient transfers within the Army healthcare system. However, other medical forms related to patient care and documentation may exist, depending on the specific medical procedures or situations.