DA Form 3872. Nursing Service Personnel Time Schedule

DA Form 3872. Nursing Service Personnel Time Schedule

The DA Form 3872, also known as the Nursing Service Personnel Time Schedule, is used to create and maintain schedules for nursing personnel in healthcare facilities. This form is typically utilized in hospitals, clinics, or other medical settings where nursing staff members work on rotating shifts.

The form consists of sections that capture important information related to the nursing service personnel time schedule. These sections include details about the date, shift times, names of nursing personnel, and any special notes or instructions. The form provides a grid-like format with columns representing different days and rows representing different shifts.

When filling out the DA Form 3872, it is crucial to accurately record the schedule information. The date field should reflect the specific day for which the schedule is being created or updated. The shift times should be clearly indicated, including the start and end times for each shift. The names of nursing personnel should be listed according to their assigned shifts, ensuring proper coverage and distribution of workload.

Additionally, the form allows for including any special notes or instructions that may be relevant to the nursing personnel or the schedule. This could include information about shift rotations, time-off requests, or specific duties assigned to certain individuals.

An example application of the DA Form 3872 would be in a hospital setting where nursing staff members work on various shifts to provide round-the-clock patient care. By using this form, nurse managers or scheduling coordinators can create and maintain organized schedules, ensuring adequate staffing levels and efficient allocation of resources. The form serves as a tool for effective workforce management, facilitating smooth operations and continuity of care.