DA Form 2401. Organization Control Record for Equipment

DA Form 2401. Organization Control Record for Equipment

The DA Form 2401, also known as the Organization Control Record for Equipment, is a form used by the US Army to keep track of equipment within an organization. The main purpose of the form is to provide a comprehensive record of all equipment assigned to a unit, including its status and location.

The form consists of several parts, including sections for equipment identification, maintenance and inspection records, and remarks. Some of the important fields include the type of equipment, serial number, date of acquisition, and current location. The parties involved in filling out this form include the unit commander, supply officer, and any personnel responsible for maintaining or inspecting the equipment.

When filling out the DA Form 2401, it is important to ensure that all fields are accurately and completely filled out. The data required includes information about the equipment's acquisition, maintenance history, and current status. Additionally, any relevant supporting documents, such as maintenance reports or inspection records, should be attached.

This form is particularly useful for ensuring accountability and proper management of equipment within a unit. It can also help identify potential issues or areas for improvement in equipment maintenance and usage.

Strengths of the form include its ability to provide a comprehensive record of equipment within a unit, which can aid in equipment management and decision making. Weaknesses may include the time and effort required to maintain accurate records. Opportunities for improvement may include automating data entry or incorporating technology to streamline the process.

Alternative forms that serve a similar purpose include the DD Form 1149 and the DA Form 1687. However, the DA Form 2401 is specifically designed for equipment control and may contain different or additional fields.

The accurate and thorough completion of this form can have significant implications for the future of the participants, including efficient and effective equipment management, improved readiness and mission success.

Once completed, the form is typically submitted to the appropriate unit or command and stored in a secure location for future reference.