ACORD Cancellation Request Form (35)

ACORD Cancellation Request Form

The ACORD Cancellation Request Form is a document used to request the cancellation of an insurance policy. The main purpose of this form is to provide a written request for policy cancellation to the insurance company, including the effective date of cancellation.

The form consists of several parts, including the policyholder information section, which requires the policyholder's name, address, and contact information. The form also includes a section for policy information, which requires the policy number, type of policy, and effective date.

The parties involved in this form are the policyholder and the insurance company. It is important to consider the specific instructions provided by the insurance company when compiling this form, as well as any applicable policy terms and conditions.

When compiling the form, the policyholder will need to provide their policy information and the effective date of cancellation. Additional documents may need to be attached, depending on the specific policy and insurance company requirements.

Examples of applications for this form include cancelling an auto insurance policy due to a vehicle sale or cancellation of a homeowner's insurance policy due to a home sale. The benefits of using this form include a documented request for policy cancellation and the ability to ensure that the cancellation is processed properly.

The challenges and risks associated with this form include the potential for errors or delays in processing, which could result in continued policy coverage and premium payments.

Related and alternative forms include the ACORD Notice of Cancellation form, which is used by the insurance company to notify the policyholder of policy cancellation. The main difference between these forms is the party initiating the cancellation request.

Submitting the ACORD Cancellation Request Form can be done by mail, email, or fax. Once received, the insurance company will process the request and confirm the cancellation of the policy. A copy of the form should be kept for the policyholder's records.