CT DMV Form K2. Application to get an auto cub license

CT DMV Form K2. Application to get an auto cub license

Form K186 - Salvage Vehicle Repair Report serves as a report submitted by licensed dealers or repairers who have repaired a salvage vehicle. This form provides information about the repairs conducted on the salvage vehicle to ensure its roadworthiness.

This form is used by licensed dealers or repairers when they have repaired a salvage vehicle to bring it back to a roadworthy condition. It's important for verifying that the vehicle meets safety and compliance standards.

Form Structure

This form involves licensed dealers, repairers, and salvage vehicles. It's structured with sections to provide information about the vehicle being repaired, details about the repairs conducted, and any other relevant information about the repair process.

How to Fill Out and Submit the Form

When repairing a salvage vehicle, the licensed dealer or repairer completes the form with accurate information about the vehicle and the repairs conducted. They provide details about the repairs performed, parts replaced, and any other relevant information. The completed form is submitted to the Connecticut DMV to document the repair process.

Related forms could include documentation related to vehicle inspections, emission testing, or other repair-related forms.