CT DMV Form D47. Registration issuance bond

CT DMV Form D47. Registration issuance bond

Form D47 - Registration Issuance Bond serves as a financial guarantee for the issuance of registration to a motor vehicle. This form is used in cases where the applicant is unable to provide satisfactory proof of ownership and must post a bond to obtain vehicle registration.

Consider a scenario where an individual wants to register a vehicle but lacks the proper documentation to establish ownership. In this case, they can submit Form D47 and a bond as collateral to secure the registration while resolving ownership-related matters. The benefit of using this form is that it allows individuals to initiate the registration process while addressing ownership challenges, ensuring that they can legally operate the vehicle.

Form Structure

This form involves the vehicle owner or applicant as the primary party and the Connecticut DMV as the secondary party. It's structured with sections for personal information, vehicle details, bond amount, and a certification section. Additionally, it may include spaces for signatures and notarization, depending on the specific circumstances.

How to Fill Out and Submit the Form

The applicant needs to provide accurate personal and vehicle information, specify the bond amount, and sign the form to certify the bond requirement. If required, the form may need to be notarized. The completed form and bond amount are submitted to the Connecticut DMV for processing.

While completing the form, remember to provide accurate personal and vehicle details. The bond amount should comply with the DMV's regulations. It's important to understand that Form D47 is a specific form designed for cases where proof of ownership is lacking, and a bond is needed to secure registration issuance.