CA DMV Form OL 766. Request for Use of an Approved TVS Program

CA DMV Form OL 766. Request for Use of an Approved TVS Program

Form OL 766 is used by driving schools in California to request the use of an approved TVS (Traffic Violator School) program. TVS educational programs are required to be reviewed and approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or its agent on an annual basis. If a TVS educational program has not been approved within the past 12 months, the program owner must resubmit it for approval.

The form consists of sections where the driving school provides information about their request to use an approved TVS program. This includes details such as the school's name, contact information, the specific TVS program they wish to use, and any additional information relevant to the request.

Important fields in this form include accurately providing information about the driving school and the approved TVS program they wish to use. It is crucial to ensure that all required information is provided to facilitate the processing of the request by the DMV or its agent.

Application Example: A driving school in California can use Form OL 766 to request permission to use an approved TVS program for their students. The school should complete the form by providing accurate details about their institution and specifying the TVS program they intend to utilize. This form is necessary for driving schools to access approved educational resources and offer recognized training to their students.

Related Forms: There may not be direct alternatives to Form OL 766, as it specifically addresses the request for using an approved TVS program. However, other forms related to driving school operations, course approvals, or instructional program requests may exist within the California DMV system.