AF Form 4428. Tattoo Screening/Verification

AF Form 4428. Tattoo Screening/Verification

The AF Form 4428 is a document used by the United States Air Force for Tattoo Screening and Verification purposes. Its primary objective is to ensure compliance with the Air Force's tattoo policy, which outlines specific guidelines on what tattoos are permissible and where they can be located on a service member's body.

The form consists of several fields that must be filled out by the service member, including personal information such as name, rank, and unit. Additionally, the form requires a description and location of each tattoo, along with a photograph for verification purposes.

When filling out the form, it is important to consider the specific details of the Air Force's tattoo policy, which can be found in Air Force Instruction 36-2903. Service members should also attach any additional documentation related to their tattoos, such as medical records or written explanations.

Examples of when this form may be utilized include when a service member undergoes initial enlistment processing, when transferring to a new duty station, or when seeking approval for a new tattoo.

One strength of the AF Form 4428 is that it provides a standardized process for ensuring compliance with the Air Force's tattoo policy. However, a weakness may be that the form does not account for individual interpretation or unique circumstances regarding a service member's tattoos.

Related forms may include the Army's DA Form 5500-R, which serves a similar purpose for Army personnel. An alternative form could be a simple checklist outlining the specific requirements for permissible tattoos.

Filling out the AF Form 4428 accurately and truthfully can impact a service member's future in the Air Force, particularly if they have tattoos that do not comply with the policy. The form is typically submitted to the service member's unit commander for review, and is stored in their personnel records.

In summary, the AF Form 4428 serves an important role in maintaining compliance with the Air Force's tattoo policy. While there are strengths and weaknesses to the form, it is an essential part of the enlistment and transfer process for Air Force personnel.