Form TSS 16A. Grant File Review Site Visit - Virginia

Form TSS 16A. Grant File Review Site Visit - Virginia

Form TSS 16A - Grant File Review Site Visit is used to conduct file reviews and site visits for grants. This form assists in documenting findings, discrepancies, and best practices identified during the review process.

The parties involved include grant recipients, grant funding agencies, and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The form sections encompass review details, findings, discrepancies, best practices, and documentation of the site visit.

Key sections include grant information, review findings, documentation of discrepancies, and identification of best practices. Accurate documentation of findings and clear identification of discrepancies and best practices are important for effective grant management.

For example, a grant recipient would complete this form after conducting a review of grant files and a site visit to identify any discrepancies in grant implementation and to document best practices observed.

No direct related forms are mentioned, but an alternative could involve review report forms for different types of grant-funded projects or activities.