DA Form 3862. Controlled Substances Stock Record

DA Form 3862. Controlled Substances Stock Record

The DA Form 3862, known as the Controlled Substances Stock Record, is used to track and document the inventory of controlled substances within a medical or healthcare facility. This form is typically utilized in settings where controlled substances, such as narcotics or prescription medications, are stored and dispensed.

The form consists of sections that capture important information related to the controlled substances stock record. These sections include details about the medication, quantity received, quantity dispensed, balance on hand, and signatures of authorized personnel. The form also provides space for recording any discrepancies or adjustments made to the stock.

When filling out the DA Form 3862, it is essential to ensure accuracy and meticulousness. The medication details, including the name, strength, and dosage form, should be recorded correctly to identify the specific controlled substance. The quantity received should be accurately documented when new stock is added to the inventory. Similarly, the quantity dispensed should be carefully recorded when medications are issued to patients or other authorized individuals.

The balance on hand should be calculated based on the initial stock, quantities received, and quantities dispensed. Any discrepancies or adjustments made to the stock, such as wastage, loss, or return of medications, should be clearly noted on the form. Finally, the form requires the signatures of authorized personnel who are responsible for managing and dispensing controlled substances.

An example application of the DA Form 3862 would be in a hospital pharmacy or medical clinic where controlled substances are stored and dispensed. By using this form, healthcare professionals can maintain accurate records of the inventory, ensuring proper control,, and compliance with regulatory requirements. The form serves as a tool for monitoring stock levels, detecting discrepancies, and preventing unauthorized access or misuse of controlled substances.