Form DMV 254. Passenger and Property Carrier Enforcement - Virginia

Form DMV 254. Passenger and Property Carrier Enforcement - Virginia

Form DMV 254. Passenger and Property Carrier Enforcement: This publication provides information on laws regarding operating authority for motor carriers transporting passengers or property within Virginia. The form's purpose is to inform motor carriers about the specific regulations, permits, and authorities required for legally operating passenger and property transportation services in the state.

The parties involved in using this form are motor carriers operating within Virginia, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, and relevant law enforcement agencies responsible for enforcing carrier regulations. The form sections consist of detailed explanations of the operating authority requirements, carrier permits, safety regulations, and enforcement procedures.

Important fields in this form include carrier identification, vehicle details, permits, and compliance with safety and operational standards. Accurate completion of the form is crucial for carriers to ensure that they have the appropriate authorization and permits to provide transportation services in Virginia.

An example scenario where this form would be used is when a motor carrier or transportation company starts its operation in Virginia, intending to transport passengers or property. By referring to Form DMV 254, carriers can familiarize themselves with the specific requirements, acquire the necessary permits, and comply with the relevant laws. The benefits of using this form include legal compliance, reduced risk of fines or penalties, and enhanced public trust in the carrier's services.

There may be additional documents needed for filling and completing this form, such as proof of insurance, vehicle registration, and safety certifications. As for alternatives or related forms, other states or jurisdictions may have similar publications or enforcement guidelines for passenger and property carriers.