PA DMV Form MV-91. Application for Replacement Plate after a Voluntary Surrender of Plate by Owner

PA DMV Form MV-91. Application for Replacement Plate after a Voluntary Surrender of Plate by Owner

Form MV-91 is an application form used to request a replacement plate after voluntarily surrendering a license plate in Pennsylvania. This form is intended for individuals who have surrendered their license plate and need a replacement for various reasons, such as loss, theft, or damage.

The form consists of sections where applicants can provide their personal information, including their name, address, and contact details. It also requires information about the surrendered license plate, such as the plate number and the reason for surrendering it. Additionally, the form may include sections for documenting any supporting documentation or explanations related to the replacement request.

Important fields in this form include the applicant's personal information, details of the surrendered license plate, and any relevant explanations or supporting documents. Accurate completion of the form is essential to ensure that the replacement plate is issued correctly and that the applicant's records are updated accordingly.

Application Example: An individual who has lost their license plate would use Form MV-91 to request a replacement plate. The person would complete the form accurately, providing all required information and explaining the circumstances of the plate loss. By using this form, the individual can obtain a replacement plate and maintain compliance with vehicle registration requirements.

Related Forms: There may not be direct alternatives or analogues to Form MV-91, as it is specifically designed for requesting a replacement plate after voluntary surrender. However, there may be other forms used PennDOT for different types of license plate-related transactions, such as forms for reporting stolen plates or transferring plates between vehicles.