PA DMV Form MV-443. Listing of Safety Inspection Mechanics Per Station

PA DMV Form MV-443. Listing of Safety Inspection Mechanics Per Station

Form MV-443 is a listing form used for maintaining records of safety inspection mechanics per station. This form is crucial in ensuring that each inspection station has certified mechanics available to perform safety inspections on vehicles.

The form consists of sections where the inspection station's information is recorded, including its name, address, and contact details. It also includes sections for listing the certified mechanics associated with the station, including their names, certifications, and any additional remarks or notes.

Important fields in this form include accurately recording the inspection station's information and ensuring that all certified mechanics associated with the station are listed. It is essential to have a comprehensive and up-to-date listing to ensure proper management of safety inspections.

Application Example: The Department of Transportation needs to maintain a record of all inspection stations in a particular area and the certified mechanics assigned to each station. They utilize Form MV-443 by gathering information about each station and its associated mechanics. Accurate completion of this form helps ensure that all inspection stations have qualified mechanics available for performing safety inspections.

Related Forms: There are no specific related forms for Form MV-443. However, additional documents may be required by the Department of Transportation for verifying the certification and qualifications of the listed mechanics.