Oregon DMV Form 735-7200. Report of Positive Drug Test

Oregon DMV Form 735-7200. Report of Positive Drug Test

Form 735-7200 - Report of Positive Drug Test serves as a report for individuals or organizations in Oregon to submit information about a positive drug test related to a driver's safety-sensitive position.

This form is used when a drug test results in a positive outcome for an individual who holds a safety-sensitive position, such as a commercial driver.

Example Scenario: An employer in Oregon conducts a drug test on a commercial driver, and the test comes back positive for a controlled substance. The employer completes this form to report the positive drug test to the Oregon DMV.

Parties Involved: This form is typically completed by employers, medical review officers, or substance abuse professionals to report positive drug test results. It includes sections for detailed information about the tested individual, the drug test, and the reporting entity.

Related Forms: There may not be direct analogues, as this form is specific to reporting positive drug tests in safety-sensitive positions.