Form BMV 4808. Application for a Registration of a Motor Vehicle with Restricted Plates/Decal

Form BMV 4808. Application for a Registration of a Motor Vehicle with Restricted Plates/Decal

Form BMV 4808 is the Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle with Restricted Plates/Decal used by the Ohio BMV. The main purpose of this form is to provide a means for vehicle owners to apply for registration of their vehicles with restricted plates or decals, typically used for specific purposes or exemptions.

The form typically consists of sections where the vehicle owner provides their personal information, including their name, address, and vehicle details. Additionally, the form requires information about the specific type of restricted plates or decals the owner is applying for and the reason for the restriction.

The key fields in this form are the applicant's personal information and the details about the requested restricted plates or decals. These details are essential for processing the registration application and issuing the appropriate restricted plates or decals for the vehicle.

When filling out the form, the vehicle owner should ensure that all their information is accurately stated, and they provide the necessary details about the type of restriction and the reason for applying for restricted plates or decals. Additionally, any required supporting documentation or fees should be included to support the application.

An example scenario for using Form BMV 4808 would be when a vehicle owner is eligible for a special exemption, such as a disabled parking permit, and needs to register their vehicle with restricted plates or decals that indicate the exemption. The owner would complete this form, providing their personal information, the type of restriction needed, and the reason for the exemption. They would then submit the form to the BMV for processing and issuance of the restricted plates or decals.

No additional documents are generally required to complete this form if the vehicle owner provides all the necessary information and meets the criteria for restricted plates or decals. However, the BMV may request additional documentation or verification to ensure that the restriction is valid and appropriate for the vehicle owner's circumstances.

Related forms or alternatives may include similar applications for restricted plates or decals used in other states. The specific types of restrictions and eligibility criteria may vary depending on the state's regulations and available options for vehicles with specific exemptions or purposes.