LDSS-7005-S. Formulario de Informe de Error de Medicacion

LDSS-7005-S. Formulario de Informe de Error de Medicacion

Form LDSS-7005-S, the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) Medication Error Report Form, is used to document and report medication errors that occur in the administration of medication in a child care setting.

The form consists of four sections: Section 1 is for identifying the child, Section 2 is for identifying the medication error, Section 3 is for identifying the health care professional, and Section 4 is for identifying the facility. It is important to fill out all sections completely and accurately.

The form is typically used in the event of a medication error, such as when a medication is prescribed incorrectly or administered incorrectly. It is important to document and report all medication errors in order to prevent further harm to the child.

When completing the form, it is important to provide accurate and complete information in all sections. It is also important to include any other relevant documents or reports, such as any reports from the doctor or pharmacist. Additionally, it is important to sign and date the form, as this is necessary for the form to be considered valid.

Similar forms for reporting medication errors include the OCFS Medication Administration Error Report Form (LDSS-7005-E) and the OCFS Medication Incident Report Form (LDSS-7006-S). All three forms serve different purposes and must be filled out correctly and accurately for the information to be considered valid.