OCFS-6038. Child Care Request Form

OCFS-6038. Child Care Request Form

Form OCFS-6038, titled "Child Care Request Form," is a document used by parents or guardians in New York State to request child care services for their children. The main purpose of this form is to collect necessary information from parents or guardians seeking child care services to assess their eligibility and match them with appropriate child care programs or providers.

The form consists of sections where the parent or guardian must provide their personal information, including name, address, contact details, and family size. It then requires information about the child or children who need child care, including their age, any specific needs or preferences, and the desired hours or days of care. The form may also include questions about the parents' or guardians' work schedules and any child care assistance they may be receiving.

Important fields in this form include accurate and up-to-date information about the family and child care needs. Accurate completion of this form is crucial as it helps child care agencies or referral services understand the specific child care requirements of each family and ensure they are matched with appropriate and available child care options.

Application Example: A working parent seeks child care services for their two children, aged 3 and 5. The parent completes Form OCFS-6038, providing all necessary personal and child-related information, including the preferred hours of care. The form is then submitted to a child care referral agency, which uses the information to assist the parent in finding suitable child care programs.

Additional Document Needed: Form OCFS-6038 is an application form used to request child care services. Depending on the specific child care program or provider, additional documents may be required for enrollment or eligibility determination.

Related Form: Form OCFS-6025, "Application for Child Care Assistance," is a related form used to apply for financial assistance for child care expenses.

Alternative Form: There are no direct analogues to OCFS-6038, as it is a specific request form created by OCFS to collect information for child care service referrals in New York State.