OCFS-4627. Request for Forms and Publications

OCFS-4627. Request for Forms and Publications

Form OCFS-4627 is a Request for Forms and Publications form used by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. The purpose of this form is to allow individuals and organizations to request specific forms, publications, or informational materials offered by the Office.

The form consists of sections where the requester provides contact information, specifies the desired forms or publications, and indicates the quantity needed. The form may also inquire about the purpose or intended use of the requested materials.

Important fields in this form include accurate information about the requester's contact details and the specific forms or publications being requested. Providing sufficient details helps ensure that the requester receives the correct materials in a timely manner.

Application Example: A child care center may use this form to request copies of informational brochures and application forms for state-regulated child care programs. The center will specify the quantity of each item needed to distribute among prospective parents.

No additional documents are mentioned in the form, as it serves as a straightforward request form for Office publications and materials.

Related Form: There might not be an exact analogue for this form within the same agency, but other government agencies may have similar forms for requesting informational materials and documents.