OCFS-4552. Board of Directors Profile

OCFS-4552. Board of Directors Profile

Form OCFS-4552 is a Board of Directors Profile form used by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. The purpose of this form is to collect essential information about individuals who serve on the board of directors for organizations affiliated with the Office.

The form consists of sections where the organization provides general information about itself, followed by detailed sections for each board member's profile. The profile sections may include the board member's name, contact details, professional background, and affiliations with other organizations. The form may also inquire about any potential conflicts of interest that board members may have.

Important fields in this form include accurate and up-to-date information about each board member's profile and any potential conflicts of interest. The Office relies on this information to ensure that the board members meet the necessary qualifications and that there are no conflicts that could compromise the organization's integrity or create biases in decision-making.

Application Example: A non-profit organization that receives funding from the Office of Children and Family Services needs to complete this form to provide information about its board of directors. The organization will furnish the details of each board member's background, ensuring that all necessary information is disclosed.

Additional documents that may need to be submitted with the form are not specified, but the Office might request supporting documents to verify the information provided in the form.

Related Form: There might not be an exact analogue for this form, as board profiles and governance requirements can vary significantly between organizations and industries.