Mass RMV - In-Car Instruction Sign-In Sheet

Mass RMV - In-Car Instruction Sign-In Sheet

Form In-Car Instruction Sign-In Sheet serves as a sign-in sheet to be used during each in-car instruction session of a driver's education program. This sheet is used to document the attendance and progress of student drivers during practical driving lessons.

This sign-in sheet is important for driver's education instructors and students to track and document in-car instruction sessions, ensuring that students meet the required training hours.

Form Structure

This sign-in sheet involves the driving instructor and the student driver. The form typically includes sections for the student's name, date and time of the instruction session, location, duration of the session, and signatures of the instructor and student.

How to Fill Out and Submit the Form

During each in-car instruction session, the instructor and the student complete the sign-in sheet by providing the necessary details and signing the document. The completed sign-in sheets are typically kept on file by the driver's education program for record-keeping and verification purposes.

An analogous form could be the "Driver Education Log Sheet," which is used to track and record the training hours completed by student drivers during their driver's education program.