Form VSD 624. Fact Sheet - Title Switch - Illinois

Form VSD 624. Fact Sheet - Title Switch - Illinois

Form VSD 624 serves as a fact sheet for Title Switch, providing information about the process of transferring the title of a vehicle from one owner to another. It outlines the steps, requirements, and considerations for completing a title transfer.

This form is used by individuals who are buying or selling a vehicle and need to transfer the ownership title to the new owner.

Form Structure

This form involves the current vehicle owner, the prospective new owner, and the Illinois Secretary of State Vehicle Services Department. It's structured with sections that cover the title transfer process, required documents, and important considerations.

How to Fill Out and Submit the Form

The form should be used as a guide to understand the title transfer process. It's not typically submitted to the department, but rather used as a reference for completing the required paperwork for the actual title transfer.

While completing the title transfer paperwork, individuals should follow the instructions provided in the fact sheet and ensure that all required documents are submitted accurately and timely.

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