DA Form 479. Publication and Blank Form Stock Record Card (Vertical File)

DA Form 479. Publication and Blank Form Stock Record Card (Vertical File)

Form DA 479 is used as a Publication and Blank Form Stock Record Card (Vertical File) in the Army. This form serves as a record and tracking tool for managing and monitoring the stock of publications and blank forms within an Army unit or facility.

The form consists of sections where the specific details of the publications and blank forms are recorded, including their identification numbers, descriptions, and quantities. It includes information about the responsible individual or unit overseeing the stock and any actions taken, such as requisitions or additions to the stock. Additionally, the form may include sections for tracking the distribution and usage of the publications and forms.

Important fields in this form include accurate documentation of the stock details and clear indication of any actions taken regarding the publications and forms. Accurate completion of this form is crucial to ensure an adequate and organized supply of publications and blank forms for Army units.

Application Example: A logistics officer manages the stock of technical manuals and blank forms for an Army maintenance facility. The officer uses Form DA 479 to record the identification numbers and quantities of each publication and form in stock. Whenever a unit requests additional publications or forms, the officer updates the form to reflect the requisition and distribution. By doing so, the Army can maintain proper stock levels and ensure that units have the necessary resources for their operations.

Individuals filling out this form should consider any additional guidelines or procedures provided by the Army's logistics and supply management programs.

Related Forms: There may not be direct alternatives to Form DA 479, as it serves as a specialized stock record card for publications and blank forms in the Army. However, there might be other forms related to inventory management or stock tracking used in similar military and civilian logistics and supply operations.