Form MCD-356. Texas IRP Apportioned Registration Application Schedule A and B - Texas

Form MCD-356. Texas IRP Apportioned Registration Application Schedule A and B - Texas

The Form MCD-356, known as the Texas IRP Apportioned Registration Application – Schedule A and B, is a document used in Texas to apply for apportioned registration for commercial vehicles that operate across multiple jurisdictions.

This form consists of sections that require accurate completion. It typically includes information such as the applicant's name, contact information, vehicle details (such as make, model, and license plate number), weight information, and details of the jurisdictions where the vehicle will be operated.

When filling out Form MCD-356, it is important to consider:

  • The completed form must be submitted to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles along with the necessary supporting documents and fees.
  • Providing accurate and detailed information regarding the applicant, the vehicle, and the intended operation in different jurisdictions is crucial for processing the application accurately.
  • Supporting documents such as proof of insurance, lease agreements, or ownership documents may need to be attached based on the specific requirements outlined in the form.

This form is used by individuals or businesses seeking apportioned registration for their commercial vehicles. Apportioned registration allows these vehicles to operate in multiple jurisdictions while paying registration fees proportional to the distance traveled in each jurisdiction. It simplifies the registration process and ensures compliance with the registration requirements of participating jurisdictions.

An alternative form that may be relevant is the Form IRP-1, which is a generic International Registration Plan (IRP) application form used in various jurisdictions. However, the Form MCD-356 is specific to Texas and tailored to the state's requirements for apportioned registration applications.