Form HSMV 72190. Report a Driver Whose Ability is Questionable - Florida

Form HSMV 72190. Report a Driver Whose Ability is Questionable - Florida

The Form HSMV 72190, referred to as the Report a Driver Whose Ability is Questionable, is used in Florida to report concerns about an individual's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Its purpose is to provide a mechanism for concerned individuals, such as family members or healthcare professionals, to raise awareness of potential driving impairments.

The form typically includes sections that require detailed information about the driver in question, description of observed behaviors or incidents raising concerns, contact information of the person reporting, and any supporting documentation or evidence. It also emphasizes confidentiality and provides an option to request anonymity.

When completing this form, it is crucial to provide accurate and specific details regarding the driver's behavior or incidents indicating possible impairment. The person reporting should ensure they have firsthand knowledge or reliable information before making a report. Supporting documents, such as witness statements or medical records, may strengthen the report.

This form is used when there are concerns about an individual's fitness to drive due to physical or cognitive impairments. It serves as a way to alert the appropriate authorities so they can investigate and assess the situation further, potentially leading to driver evaluation or intervention if necessary.

An alternative form is the Medical Reporting Form (Form HSMV 72010), which allows reporting of various medical conditions that may affect driving abilities. However, the Report a Driver Whose Ability is Questionable form specifically focuses on situations where there are concerns about a particular individual's driving skills.