DD Form 2130-10. DC 8-62CF Load Plan

DD Form 2130-10. DC 8-62CF Load Plan

DD Form 2130-10, titled DC 8-62CF Load Plan, is used to create a load plan specifically for the DC-8-62CF aircraft. It outlines the arrangement of cargo, equipment, and personnel to ensure safe and efficient loading and transportation on this specific aircraft model.

The form comprises sections that detail the aircraft model, the type of mission, specifics about the load, positioning of items, and any special considerations. It ensures proper weight distribution, balance, and adherence to safety regulations during transportation on DC-8-62CF aircraft.

When completing DD Form 2130-10, it is important to accurately provide information about the cargo, equipment, and personnel to be loaded onto the DC-8-62CF aircraft. The form's arrangement and positioning instructions help loadmasters and crew members ensure safe and optimal loading.

Application Example: In military operations or humanitarian missions, the DC-8-62CF aircraft might be used to transport various items. This form assists in planning and documenting the arrangement of these items, ensuring safe and efficient transportation.

No direct alternative forms are mentioned, but similar load planning forms might exist for other aircraft models and transportation needs.