DD Form 1780. Shipment Evaluation and Inspection Record

DD Form 1780. Shipment Evaluation and Inspection Record

DD Form 1780 - Shipment Evaluation and Inspection Record is utilized for evaluating and inspecting shipments within the Department of Defense.

The form consists of sections where the evaluating authority records details about the shipment, including item descriptions, packaging conditions, inspection results, and any discrepancies found. Additional sections may capture corrective actions, signatures, and certification statements.

When filling out DD Form 1780, it's crucial to provide accurate information about the shipment's condition and any issues identified during inspection. The form contributes to the maintenance of quality and compliance with shipment requirements.

Application Example: A shipment of medical supplies arrives at a military facility. Using DD Form 1780, personnel conduct an inspection, documenting the condition of the supplies and any damages or discrepancies, ensuring that only acceptable items are accepted.

No additional documents are typically required for filling out DD Form 1780. An alternative form could be DD Form 250, Material Inspection and Receiving Report, used for documenting the inspection and acceptance of supplies and services.