DD Form 1637. Notice of Acceptance of Inventory Schedules

DD Form 1637. Notice of Acceptance of Inventory Schedules

DD Form 1637, the Notice of Acceptance of Inventory Schedules, is used within the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide official notification of the acceptance of inventory schedules submitted by contractors.

The form consists of sections where information about the accepted inventory schedule is recorded. This includes details about the contractor, inventory items, schedule submission, and acceptance date. The form may also include sections for noting any discrepancies or remarks.

When completing DD Form 1637, accuracy in providing details about the inventory schedule and acceptance is important. Key fields include contractor's name, inventory items, schedule submission date, and acceptance date. Proper completion ensures that both parties have a clear record of the accepted inventory schedules.

Application Example: Imagine a scenario where a contractor submits an inventory schedule for government property located at their facility. Upon reviewing and verifying the accuracy of the submitted schedule, the DoD completes DD Form 1637 to officially accept the inventory schedule, ensuring that both the contractor and the DoD acknowledge the schedule's accuracy.

Related Documents: Depending on the context and requirements, additional documentation such as inventory reports, acceptance letters, and communication with contracting officers may be necessary. Similar civilian documents might involve records of accepted inventory lists for auditing purposes.