DA Form 7874. Armywide-Staffing Comment Resolution Matrix

DA Form 7874. Armywide-Staffing Comment Resolution Matrix

DA Form 7874 - Armywide-Staffing Comment Resolution Matrix serves as a structured document for collecting and resolving comments on draft publications related to Armywide staffing and administrative processes.

This form is used in the Army's review and publication process to facilitate communication and collaboration among various agencies and organizations providing input on draft publications. It includes several columns for tracking comments, sources, reviewer information, comment type, page and paragraph references, the actual comments, rationale for change, and decisions made by the HQDA, G-37/TRA (Training and Doctrine Analysis).

Here is a breakdown of the key components and usage of DA Form 7874:

Column A–ITEM: This column is used for numerical ordering of comments and is for HQDA, G-37/TRA use only.

Column B–#: This column is used for source comment numbering. It manually records comment numbers from the first to the last comment, which helps track comments by source.

Column C–SOURCE: Indicates the agency or organization submitting the comment. Additional rows can be added if there are multiple comments from different sources.

Column D–NAME OF REVIEWING OFFICIAL: Records the name of the individual reviewing the document for the agency or organization.

Column E–RANK/GRADE: Records the rank or grade of the reviewing individual, such as COL or GS-15.

Column F–OFFICE SYMBOL: Records the office symbol for the agency or organization.

Column G–TELEPHONE: Records the telephone number of the reviewer.

Column H–DATE: Records the date of the reviewer's response(s).

Column I–TYPE: Indicates the type of comment, categorized as "C–Critical," "S–Substantive," or "A–Administrative." Critical comments identify significant issues, substantive comments highlight important but less critical matters, and administrative comments pertain to minor details.

Column J–PAGE: Specifies the location of the matter being commented on, using a decimal page numbering convention.

Column K–PARA: Records the paragraph number relevant to the comment.

Column L–LINE: Records the line number(s) on the designated page where the comment applies.

Column M–COMMENT: Provides the actual comment, which should be comprehensive and clear to facilitate adjudication. Deleted material should be struck through, and added material should be underlined.

Column N–RATIONALE: Offers a concise, objective explanation of the reason for the comment, helping to provide context for the proposed change.

Column O–DECISION: Records the decision made by HQDA, G-37/TRA, which can be "A–Accept," "R–Reject" (with a required rationale), or "M–Accept with modification" (with a required rationale).

Benefits and Purposes: DA Form 7874 streamlines the comment resolution process, ensuring that feedback from various stakeholders is systematically collected, reviewed, and addressed. It helps maintain document integrity, clarity, and compliance with regulations while promoting collaboration and transparency in the publication process.