DA Form 7391. Chaplains` Fund Primary Account Sub-Ledger

DA Form 7391. Chaplains` Fund Primary Account Sub-Ledger

DA Form 7391 - Chaplains' Fund Primary Account Sub-Ledger is used to track transactions within the Chaplains' Fund primary account. This form ensures accurate recording of financial activities related to religious and spiritual support initiatives.

The form consists of sections where primary account details, transactions, amounts, descriptions, and responsible personnel are documented. It offers a structured template to track financial activities within the primary account.

Key fields in this form include primary account specifics, transaction details, amounts involved, descriptions of transactions, and responsible personnel information. Accurate completion is vital for financial transparency and accountability.

Application Example: A military chaplain completes DA Form 7391 to document expenditures and contributions within the Chaplains' Fund primary account for religious services. The form helps maintain an accurate record of financial activities.

No additional documents are typically required for this form. While there might not be direct analogues, similar financial tracking forms could exist for various religious and nonprofit organizations.