DA Form 7372. TMDE Calibration and Repair Data

DA Form 7372. TMDE Calibration and Repair Data

DA Form 7372 - TMDE Calibration and Repair Data is used for recording calibration and repair information for Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) used by the military. This form ensures that accurate records of TMDE maintenance are maintained for operational readiness.

The form consists of sections where equipment details, calibration and repair information, maintenance actions, and responsible personnel are documented. It provides a structured template to track TMDE maintenance activities.

Important fields in this form include equipment specifics, calibration and repair details, maintenance actions, and personnel information. Accurate completion is essential to maintain the reliability and accuracy of TMDE.

Application Example: A calibration technician completes DA Form 7372 after calibrating and repairing a critical piece of TMDE used for military testing. The form ensures that the equipment is accurate and ready for use in various testing scenarios.

No additional documents are typically required for this form. While there might not be direct analogues, similar calibration and repair data forms could exist for various technical and scientific organizations.