DA Form 7303. Donor/Recipient History Interview

DA Form 7303. Donor/Recipient History Interview

DA Form 7303 - Donor/Recipient History Interview is used to gather medical history information from blood donors and recipients to ensure the safety and compatibility of blood and blood products. This form plays a vital role in maintaining the health and well-being of individuals receiving or donating blood.

The form consists of sections where donor/recipient information, medical history, and relevant health-related questions are documented. It aims to identify any potential health risks that could affect the safety of blood transfusions or donations.

Important fields in this form include donor/recipient details, medical history, and health-related questions. Accurate completion is crucial to identify any health conditions or factors that could impact the safety of blood products.

Application Example: A blood bank technician uses DA Form 7303 to interview a blood donor and collect medical history information. The form includes questions about recent illnesses, medications, and travel history. This form ensures safe blood donation and transfusion processes.

No additional documents are typically required for this form. While there might not be direct analogues, similar medical history interview forms could exist for other medical procedures and treatments.