DA Form 5688. Detailed Inspection Checklist for Indoor Ranges

DA Form 5688. Detailed Inspection Checklist for Indoor Ranges

DA Form 5688 is a comprehensive tool used to conduct detailed inspections of indoor ranges within the Department of the Army. It serves as a checklist to ensure that all necessary safety measures and operational standards are met for the indoor firing ranges.

The form consists of sections where inspectors record information about various aspects of the indoor range, such as ventilation, lighting, target systems, and emergency procedures. It includes fields for detailing the condition of equipment, the status of safety protocols, and any corrective actions required. The form may also include sections for remarks and recommendations to address identified issues.

Important fields in this form include information related to ventilation systems, target mechanisms, safety signage, and any deficiencies found during the inspection. Accurate completion of this form is crucial to maintaining a safe and compliant indoor firing range environment.

Application Example: An Army Range Safety Officer uses DA Form 5688 to perform a detailed inspection of an indoor firing range before a scheduled training session. The form guides the officer through a thorough examination of ventilation systems, target mechanisms, and emergency exits. Following the inspection, the officer documents any identified issues and recommends necessary actions to ensure the range's safety.

This form might require additional documents, such as manuals or guidelines related to indoor range safety protocols.

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