DA Form 5519-R. Tool Sign Out Log/Register (LRA)

DA Form 5519-R. Tool Sign Out Log/Register (LRA)

DA Form 5519-R, titled the Tool Sign Out Log/Register, is used to track the sign-out and return of tools and equipment in logistical readiness activities. This form helps in maintaining accountability and efficient management of tools within a unit.

The form consists of sections where information about the tool, the person borrowing it, and the expected return date are documented. It includes fields to record the date and time of tool sign-out and return.

Important fields in this form include the tool information, borrower's details, sign-out and return dates, and any remarks. Accurate completion of this form is essential for tracking the availability and usage of tools and equipment.

Application Example: A maintenance unit lending tools to personnel would use DA Form 5519-R to record tool sign-outs and returns. By accurately completing the form and documenting these transactions, the unit ensures proper tool management and accountability.

No additional documents are explicitly mentioned as required for filling this form.

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