DA Form 5289-R. Traveling Purchase Request (LRA)

DA Form 5289-R. Traveling Purchase Request (LRA)

DA Form 5289-R, the Traveling Purchase Request, is used to request funds for official travel expenses. This form supports the process of obtaining necessary funds for travel-related expenses, ensuring that travelers have the resources they need.

The form consists of sections where travelers provide details about the purpose of travel, estimated expenses, and required funding. It may also include sections for supervisor approval and accounting information.

Important fields in this form include travel purpose, estimated expenses, funding requirements, and supervisor approval. Accurate completion of this form is crucial for obtaining the necessary funds to cover official travel expenses and ensuring proper accounting of travel-related costs.

Application Example: A military personnel member is required to travel to attend a training course. They complete DA Form 5289-R, detailing the purpose of the travel, estimated costs for transportation, accommodation, and meals, and obtaining supervisor approval.

No additional documents are typically required to complete this form, as it captures all necessary information related to travel expenses and funding requirements.

No direct alternatives or analogues to DA Form 5289-R are mentioned, as its purpose is specific to requesting funds for official travel within the Department of the Army.