DA Form 5223-R. Child Development Services (Cds) Child Health Assessment (LRA)

DA Form 5223-R. Child Development Services (Cds) Child Health Assessment (LRA)

DA Form 5223-R, the Child Development Services (CDS) Child Health Assessment form, is used to document and assess the health status of children participating in Army-sponsored child care programs. This form supports the health and well-being of children by ensuring appropriate medical care and attention.

The form consists of sections where parents or guardians provide the child's health history, current health conditions, immunization records, allergies, medications, and contact information for medical professionals. Additional sections may include emergency contact details and parental consent for medical care.

Important fields in this form include child health history, allergies, medications, immunizations, and medical professional contact details. Accurate completion of this form is crucial for ensuring that child care providers have access to accurate health information and can respond effectively to medical needs or emergencies.

Application Example: A child is enrolled in an Army-sponsored child care program, and the parent completes DA Form 5223-R with details about the child's allergies and medications. This form informs child care staff about the child's medical needs and helps them respond appropriately.

No additional documents are typically required to complete this form, as it captures all necessary child health assessment information.

No direct alternatives or analogues to DA Form 5223-R are mentioned, as its purpose is specific to documenting child health assessments within Army child care programs.