DA Form 5153-R. Section Traffic Record (LRA)

DA Form 5153-R. Section Traffic Record (LRA)

Form DA 5153-R is a Section Traffic Record used in Local Redevelopment Authorities (LRAs). The purpose of this form is to record and document traffic-related information within specific sections of the LRA's redevelopment area. It is used by LRA management and transportation planners to analyze and improve traffic flow and safety.

The form consists of sections where information about traffic patterns, congestion, accidents, and safety measures is recorded. The form may include fields for traffic counts, incident reports, road conditions, and proposed traffic management strategies. Accurate completion of this form helps LRAs make informed decisions regarding transportation planning and infrastructure improvements.

Important fields in this form include accurate data on traffic counts, incidents, and proposed solutions. Filling out this form thoroughly ensures that LRAs can address traffic-related issues proactively and create safer and more efficient transportation systems within the redevelopment area.

Application Example: An LRA is planning to revitalize an urban area, and Form DA 5153-R is used to gather data on current traffic patterns, identify congestion areas, and propose traffic management strategies.

Related Forms: There may be other forms used for traffic data collection and analysis, each tailored to specific aspects of transportation planning.