DA Form 5152-R. Section Materials Property Record (LRA)

DA Form 5152-R. Section Materials Property Record (LRA)

Form DA 5152-R is a Section Materials Property Record used in Local Redevelopment Authorities (LRAs). The purpose of this form is to record and document the materials and property used by specific sections within the LRA for various redevelopment projects. It is used by LRA management and materials control personnel to track and manage inventory and property resources effectively.

The form consists of sections where information about each material or property item is recorded. The form may include fields for item description, quantity, acquisition date, condition, and location. Properly completing this form helps LRAs maintain accurate inventory records and ensure materials are available when needed for projects.

Important fields in this form include accurate descriptions of materials or property items, along with their corresponding quantities and locations. Filling out this form diligently ensures that LRAs can manage their materials inventory efficiently and avoid delays or disruptions in the redevelopment process.

Application Example: An LRA is undertaking a construction project to build new community facilities. Form DA 5152-R is used to record and track the materials and property items needed for the project, such as construction materials, equipment, and tools.

Related Forms: There may be other forms used for materials management within LRAs, each focusing on specific types of materials or property items.