DA Form 5151-R. Section Pavement Structure Record (LRA)

DA Form 5151-R. Section Pavement Structure Record (LRA)

Form DA 5151-R is a Section Pavement Structure Record used in Local Redevelopment Authorities (LRAs). The purpose of this form is to record and document the condition and maintenance history of pavement structures within the redevelopment area. It is used by LRA maintenance personnel and engineering teams to assess the condition of pavements and plan for repairs or replacements.

The form consists of sections where information about each pavement structure, such as roads, sidewalks, or parking lots, is recorded. The form may include fields for pavement type, condition assessment, repair history, and recommended maintenance actions. Accurate completion of this form helps LRAs maintain and manage their pavement infrastructure efficiently.

Important fields in this form include accurate assessment of pavement condition and proper documentation of maintenance actions. Filling out this form thoroughly ensures that LRAs can prioritize pavement maintenance efforts and allocate resources effectively.

Application Example: An LRA is responsible for the redevelopment of a large mixed-use area, including multiple roads and parking lots. Form DA 5151-R is used to assess the condition of each pavement structure and plan for necessary repairs or replacements.

Related Forms: There may be other forms used for recording and managing infrastructure assets within LRAs' redevelopment areas, each focusing on specific types of structures.