DA Form 5148-R. Present Worth Computation (LRA)

DA Form 5148-R. Present Worth Computation (LRA)

Form DA 5148-R is a Present Worth Computation form utilized in Local Redevelopment Authorities (LRAs). The purpose of this form is to calculate the present worth of future cash flows associated with redevelopment projects. The form is used by LRAs' financial analysts and planners to assess the financial viability and sustainability of proposed projects.

The form consists of sections where financial data is entered, including the projected cash inflows and outflows for the duration of the project. It takes into account factors like construction costs, maintenance expenses, and anticipated revenue streams. The form may also include sections for discount rates and present worth calculations. The form is essential for making informed decisions about allocating resources to different redevelopment projects.

Important fields in this form include accurate financial projections and the use of appropriate discount rates. Accurate completion of this form ensures that LRAs can make sound financial decisions and prioritize projects with the highest potential return on investment.

Application Example: The LRA is considering two redevelopment projects, one focused on commercial development and the other on community facilities. The form DA 5148-R is used to compute the present worth of the cash flows associated with each project, enabling a comparative analysis of their financial benefits.

Related Forms: There may be other financial assessment forms used by LRAs for evaluating project feasibility and financial impact, each tailored to specific types of redevelopment projects.