DA Form 5137. Application for Voluntary Mobilization Preassignment

DA Form 5137. Application for Voluntary Mobilization Preassignment

Form DA 5137 is an Application for Voluntary Mobilization Preassignment. This form is used by Army Reserve and National Guard members to request voluntary mobilization preassignment to a specific unit or duty position. The purpose of this form is to allow service members to express their willingness to be considered for voluntary mobilization and to specify their preferred assignment.

The form consists of sections where the service member provides personal information, including contact details, military occupational specialty, and preferred duty locations. The form may also include sections for the service member's preferences regarding unit type and deployment duration. The form is essential for managing and coordinating voluntary mobilization efforts within the Army Reserve and National Guard.

Important fields in this form include accurate and up-to-date personal information, including contact details and military occupational specialty. Additionally, the service member's preferences for duty location and unit type should be clearly indicated to facilitate appropriate assignment decisions.

Application Example: An Army Reserve member desires to volunteer for a specific overseas deployment. They use Form DA 5137 to submit their application for voluntary mobilization, indicating their preferred duty location, unit type, and deployment duration.

Related Forms: There may be other forms used for requesting mobilization and deployment within the Army Reserve and National Guard, each tailored to specific types of mobilization.