DA Form 5121. Oversea Tour Election Statement

DA Form 5121. Oversea Tour Election Statement

Form DA 5121 is an Oversea Tour Election Statement. This form is used to record a service member's election or choice regarding overseas tour assignments. The purpose of this form is to allow service members to indicate their preferences for overseas assignments and to record their choices officially.

The form consists of sections where the service member's preferences and choices for overseas assignments are recorded. This may include sections for indicating the preferred locations, the desired length of the tour, and any specific considerations or requests. The form is essential for the assignment and placement of service members to overseas duty stations.

Important fields in this form include accurate documentation of the service member's preferences for overseas assignments, including the desired locations and tour length. Properly completing this form is crucial for the assignment process and ensuring that service members are assigned to overseas duty stations that align with their preferences and qualifications.

Application Example: A service member is eligible for an overseas assignment and is given the opportunity to indicate their preferences for duty stations. The service member uses Form DA 5121 to record their desired locations and other preferences for overseas tours.

Related Forms: There may be other forms used for documenting assignment preferences and the process of overseas duty station selection within the military.