DA Form 4754. Violation Inventory Log

DA Form 4754. Violation Inventory Log

Form DA 4754 is used as a Violation Inventory Log in the Army. This form serves as a record for documenting inventory violations or discrepancies, such as missing or damaged items, within an Army unit or facility.

The form consists of sections where the specific details of the inventory violation are recorded, including the item's identification number, description, and the nature of the violation. It includes information about the individual discovering the violation and any supporting evidence or witness statements. Additionally, the form may include sections for tracking the investigation and resolution of the inventory violation.

Important fields in this form include accurate documentation of the inventory violation details and proper indication of any supporting evidence or statements. Accurate completion of this form is crucial to ensure the proper investigation and resolution of inventory discrepancies.

Application Example: During a routine inventory check, an Army unit discovers that several pieces of equipment are missing from their assigned storage area. The unit's inventory officer completes Form DA 4754, providing a detailed description of the missing items and any evidence or witness statements related to the incident. The completed form is then submitted to the unit's commanding officer for further investigation and corrective action. By doing so, the Army can maintain accurate inventory records and address any potential security or accountability issues.

Individuals filling out this form should consider any additional instructions or guidelines provided by the unit's logistics or inventory management procedures.

Related Forms: There may not be direct alternatives to Form DA 4754, as it serves as a specialized inventory violation log for Army units. However, there might be other forms related to inventory management or property accountability used in similar military logistics and supply operations.