DA Form 4669-R. Comsec Material Voucher Control Register

DA Form 4669-R. Comsec Material Voucher Control Register

Form DA 4669-R is used as a Comsec Material Voucher Control Register in the Army. This form is utilized to control and track the issuance and receipt of communications security (Comsec) materials, which are essential for secure communication within the military.

The form consists of sections where details of Comsec materials, such as cryptographic keys and secure communication devices, are recorded. It includes information about the issuing authority, the recipient, and the purpose of the Comsec material. Additionally, the form may include sections for verifying the accuracy and completeness of the Comsec material transactions.

Important fields in this form include accurate documentation of Comsec material transactions and proper verification of the issued and received items. Accurate completion of this form is crucial to ensure the secure and controlled distribution of Comsec materials, which are vital for protecting sensitive military communications.

Application Example: A communication unit receives a shipment of cryptographic keys for secure communication devices. The unit's Comsec custodian completes Form DA 4669-R, recording the details of the received Comsec materials and the purpose for which they will be used. The completed form is then submitted to the unit's commanding officer for approval and verification. By doing so, the unit maintains strict control over Comsec materials and ensures the integrity of its secure communications.

Individuals filling out this form should consider any additional supporting documents, such as shipping manifests or inventory reports, that may be required to maintain accurate records of Comsec material transactions.

Related Forms: There may not be direct alternatives to Form DA 4669-R, as it serves as a specialized control register for Comsec material transactions. However, there might be other forms related to cryptographic key management or secure communication device tracking used in similar military communication units.